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Life is Like A Recipe

Life is like a big recipe and apparently we only know the recipe through fun, “taste testing”  trial and error.  SO, since I have decided to change my “recipe” things started to align.  For example even the smallest things as, usually as I am getting ready for bed I replay some of my day in my head, and remember all the things that I didn’t, forgot or didn’t get a chance to do.  Lately now I have focused on all the things that I DID do, remembered and accomplished. Small little changes in your everyday habits will help you regain focus and give you that deep breath of fresh air feeling.  As corny as that may sound it’s gearing and helping me to stay on my path to peace.

I have been adding a little more patience, oh who am I kidding A LOT more patience lol.  And lately a big heaping spoon of energy, POSITIVE energy that is.   I have been channeling any frustrations or disappointments and using that towards doing things I enjoy.  Sometimes you get so caught up and everyday routine and forget about all the little things you did for no other reason than, you enjoyed them.  What are some of the things that as you read this you said to yourself, I used to enjoy _____?  I am learning to enjoy the process of this journey or “recipe” of what we call life.  Instead of only focusing on the bigger picture.  Why not enjoy all the components or “ingredients” along the way?

One of my top things I enjoy doing is baking.  It’s comforting and peaceful to me. I decided to start doing more of it again.  I baked some good ol’ white sandwich bread the other day and made the family some good hearty simple PB & J sandwiches with it.  Tomorrow I will make some nice thick slices of French toast for breakfast!  It’s the simple things that matter most <3.


Make it a point to do at least do one thing a day that you enjoy.  I am talking about small things, the simplest of things.  You’d be surprised on how rejuvenating it feels. Tomorrow after our Sunday family day out I plan on working a bit on my small garden, I have grape tomatoes and sun gold tomatoes growing.  I’ll post some pics :).

It feels good to be able to turn a negative into a positive.  Everyone has a different “recipe” to life and it’s up to us to savor, experience and enjoy the process.  And when we rush through and make a mistake, we can either change to make it right  or make the best of it.  Either way we don’t dwell and we move forward.  ENJOY THE JOURNEY

Goodnight Peaceful dreams or Good Great Morning World 🙂


A Slow Start…But It’s A Start :)


Have you ever felt the need to just pack up and move? To start or create a new way of living.  We are in the early stages of just wanting to pack our belongings and move to a place where we can begin our homesteading and live simple and happy.  A few chickens, perhaps some goats and a beautiful garden.  Sounds simple but yet it is difficult to get started so we are taking it slow. I have been doing some research on some great places here in good ol’ sunny Florida.

Would anyone like to share their experience of deciding one day to pack up and move story?

I look forward to not only the feeling of being self-sufficient, being in tuned with nature and just that feeling of simplicity but also the closeness and bond I will have with my family.  We are pretty close now but I know that living what I call “semi-off the grid” or homesteading takes work to keep up and doing it together  is WELL, WELL WORTH EVERY  BIT OF IT.  So as I said before, it’s a slow start but it is a step in the direction we want to go, and it feels pretty rejuvenating. So rejuvenating I feel the need to bake some bread tomorrow 😀 !  I’ll post some pics 🙂

A couple of questions to think about…What is something in your life that you have been wanting to do, big or small and you have just yet to do it? And what is something you could do today or tomorrow that could go towards making that happen?

Have a good, great night all.  Goodnight PEACEFUL dreams ❤



My name is Melody and WELCOME to my personal blog of My Piece of Peace.  This is my journey to choose peace.   Choosing to do things that make me happy.  My family, cooking, baking, gardening,  all kinds of art, sugar skulls, teas, homesteading and diy projects are what bring me peace.  I hope to inspire others to do the same and always keep moving forward.

This is my journey to MY PIECE OF PEACE…(My new outlook and beginning :)

This is my journey to MY PIECE OF PEACE…

I woke up one day and decided I am going to change the pace and direction my life was going.  I by any means am not living bad.  I was just stuck in the merry-go-round day to day routine of the working world.  Not much changed day to day, and of course we did our family outings and birthdays, holiday celebrations etc.  But I (we) weren’t living, we weren’t taking the time to enjoy TIME.  Every moment that ticked by is obviously gone and the moments we chose to work those extra hours or do something we didn’t so much enjoy was no longer worth it to me or for my family.  SO one day after days of thinking about this I (we) decided, we are going to make it a mission to create a journey, a path, a real life of peace for myself and my family.  As they say “Life is too short” well…it is, and I didn’t want to spend it stuck on that merry-go-round.  I wanted to organize my (our) time wisely and channel it evenly in directions that my family and I would all benefit from and enjoy.

We are still in the beginning works of our journey but the first step is from the starting line and I feel like the whistle blew and it’s READY…SET…GO!  Started by not working around the clock and surprisingly our income didn’t change, one good thing that did was us not being exhausted or drained all the time.  Two, we learned to not dwell on things that were beyond my/our control.  Three, we learned to SAY NO.   No to things that needed to be said to.   Three major changes and this was the start of a new outlook and the beginning of MY JOURNEY TO MY PIECE OF PEACE.  I  have read a couple of quotes that stuck  with me.  “TEACH PEACE, FIRST CREATE YOUR OWN PEACE WITHIN THEN SHARE IT WITH YOUR CHILDREN” and the other is “Peace like charity begins at home”.

I hope to inspire others to one way or another to choose to be at peace.  Whether it be in a moment, a choice, on a decision or a whole life change. It’s well worth it.   The energy and vibes are contagious and I am in the works of creating that nonstop serenity for my husband and I, and have it influence, embrace and affect our children as well.

Home is where my story begins.  Welcome to my journey to MY PIECE OF PEACE…CHAPTER ONE.