Life is Like A Recipe

Life is like a big recipe and apparently we only know the recipe through fun, “taste testing”  trial and error.  SO, since I have decided to change my “recipe” things started to align.  For example even the smallest things as, usually as I am getting ready for bed I replay some of my day in my head, and remember all the things that I didn’t, forgot or didn’t get a chance to do.  Lately now I have focused on all the things that I DID do, remembered and accomplished. Small little changes in your everyday habits will help you regain focus and give you that deep breath of fresh air feeling.  As corny as that may sound it’s gearing and helping me to stay on my path to peace.

I have been adding a little more patience, oh who am I kidding A LOT more patience lol.  And lately a big heaping spoon of energy, POSITIVE energy that is.   I have been channeling any frustrations or disappointments and using that towards doing things I enjoy.  Sometimes you get so caught up and everyday routine and forget about all the little things you did for no other reason than, you enjoyed them.  What are some of the things that as you read this you said to yourself, I used to enjoy _____?  I am learning to enjoy the process of this journey or “recipe” of what we call life.  Instead of only focusing on the bigger picture.  Why not enjoy all the components or “ingredients” along the way?

One of my top things I enjoy doing is baking.  It’s comforting and peaceful to me. I decided to start doing more of it again.  I baked some good ol’ white sandwich bread the other day and made the family some good hearty simple PB & J sandwiches with it.  Tomorrow I will make some nice thick slices of French toast for breakfast!  It’s the simple things that matter most <3.


Make it a point to do at least do one thing a day that you enjoy.  I am talking about small things, the simplest of things.  You’d be surprised on how rejuvenating it feels. Tomorrow after our Sunday family day out I plan on working a bit on my small garden, I have grape tomatoes and sun gold tomatoes growing.  I’ll post some pics :).

It feels good to be able to turn a negative into a positive.  Everyone has a different “recipe” to life and it’s up to us to savor, experience and enjoy the process.  And when we rush through and make a mistake, we can either change to make it right  or make the best of it.  Either way we don’t dwell and we move forward.  ENJOY THE JOURNEY

Goodnight Peaceful dreams or Good Great Morning World 🙂


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