A Slow Start…But It’s A Start :)


Have you ever felt the need to just pack up and move? To start or create a new way of living.  We are in the early stages of just wanting to pack our belongings and move to a place where we can begin our homesteading and live simple and happy.  A few chickens, perhaps some goats and a beautiful garden.  Sounds simple but yet it is difficult to get started so we are taking it slow. I have been doing some research on some great places here in good ol’ sunny Florida.

Would anyone like to share their experience of deciding one day to pack up and move story?

I look forward to not only the feeling of being self-sufficient, being in tuned with nature and just that feeling of simplicity but also the closeness and bond I will have with my family.  We are pretty close now but I know that living what I call “semi-off the grid” or homesteading takes work to keep up and doing it together  is WELL, WELL WORTH EVERY  BIT OF IT.  So as I said before, it’s a slow start but it is a step in the direction we want to go, and it feels pretty rejuvenating. So rejuvenating I feel the need to bake some bread tomorrow 😀 !  I’ll post some pics 🙂

A couple of questions to think about…What is something in your life that you have been wanting to do, big or small and you have just yet to do it? And what is something you could do today or tomorrow that could go towards making that happen?

Have a good, great night all.  Goodnight PEACEFUL dreams ❤


2 thoughts on “A Slow Start…But It’s A Start :)

  1. Amber Autumn

    I am always filled with wanderlust for the country. I feel so at home in the woods or surrounded by fields. I used to feel so impatient to get there FASTER. NOW. This year I’m really trying to live the concept that you can homestead no matter what, wherever you are. I know someday I’ll get out there, but right here isn’t bad either.


    1. mypieceofpeace239 Post author

      Thanks Amber I really needed to hear that as I keep getting so antsy. But you’re right, we can homestead no matter where we are. I guess I should use this time to practice and experiment with different techniques. I too feel at home sweet home when I am surrounded with nature. I like your outlook on things, it helped me take a deep breathe and refocus…thank you 🙂



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